human is human® public events

As I often share, we are all survivors of the Human Condition—everyone is trying to find his or her own way through life without an owner’s manual to consult or guide us. On top of that, most make the trek believing that they’re the only person with this set of struggles or fears or whatever else is germane to being human.

My Human is Human® Transformational  Thinking Series are public events where we tackle different aspects of surviving the Human Condition. Part sharing and part teaching, these events are designed around core Human Condition elements: living authentically, finding meaning in our personal moments of truth, giving ourselves permission to live more inclusively, understanding our commonalities, and being brave. The goal is to come away enlightened, refreshed, and ready to do the hard work of living more connected to our inner selves and to the world at large through inclusivity and equity.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming public events at this time. Check back for future events.