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I have a very active talks/presentations/trainings calendar, such that it has become very difficult to timely update this page. (For example, in 2018, I conducted 170+ trainings.) Thus, please contact me directly at elliejkrug@gmail.com to determine if a particular date or time frame you are considering is open on my calendar. (I do respond to all email inquiries on a timely basis.) I present locally, regionally, nationally and in Canada, and I am now taking 2019-20 bookings. Also, please see the “representative clients/sectors” page on the menu bar of this site for a listing of prior clients and the sectors that I’ve served. Additional information can be found at my company website, Human Inspiration Works, LLC.

Also, I have a weekly radio and podcast show on AM950, KTNF in Minnetonka, MN, “Ellie 2.0 Radio” on Mondays from 7:00-8:00 a.m. CST. You can find a listing of past podcasts and shows here. These shows are for the most part taped in advance, meaning that I have flexibility to present and train in-person wherever during the week.

Finally, please note: for some reason, WordPress likes to mix fonts, so as you read below, please understand that I can’t control everything (as much as I’d like to…).

The following list of engagements is current as of September 13, 2019:



  • 5th “Gray Area Thinking®,” Winthrop & Weinstine, Minneapolis
  • 8-10th Multiple presentations at the Annual Idaho Juvenile Justice Association Conference, Fort Hall ID
  • 12th “Gray Area Thinking®,” Winthrop & Weinstine, Minneapolis
  • 16th “Gray Area Thinking®” and D&I Roundtable, Hartford CT
  • 17-18th Multiple presentations at Bay Path University, Longmeadow MA
  • 24-25th Multiple presentations, Steamboat Springs CO
  • 26th “Gray Area Thinking®,” Upper Midwest Education Consortium, St. Paul
  • 26th Evening presentation, “Transgender 101,” UUF of Mankato MN


  • 3rd “Transgender 101,” VA Healthcare, St. Cloud MN
  • 6th “Gray Area Thinking®,” Grace Lutheran Church, Andover MN
  • 10th Keynote, St. Louis County Annual Social Services Conference, Duluth MN
  • 11th “Living Authentically,” Quorum’s National Coming Out Day Luncheon, Minneapolis
  • 14th “Gray Area Thinking®,” St. Paul Public Library, St. Paul
  • 15th “Gray Area Thinking®,” Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law, Chicago
  • 16th “Gray Area Thinking®,” WI Public Employer Labor Relations Assoc., Mauston WI
  • 16th Held for a Twin Cities book club
  • 17th Open House, Ellie Krug’s Status Report on Her Work, Minneapolis–click here for Free Tickets
  • 23rd “Gray Area Thinking®,” Hennepin County team members, Minneapolis
  • 24th Multiple trainings, PrairieCare Institute, Minneapolis
  • 27th “Gray Area Thinking®,” Transfiguration Lutheran Church, Bloomington MN
  • 29th “Gray Area Thinking®,” for a Los Angeles law firm
  • 30th “Gray Area Thinking®,” Ameriprise Financial, Inc., Minneapolis


  • 4th “Gray Area Thinking®,” for a New York law firm
  • 6th “Gray Area Thinking®,” Scott County, MN
  • 8th Keynote, EDGY Conference, Los Angeles
  • 10-11th Multiple presentations Educational Opportunity Association Conference, Omaha
  • 12th “Transgender 101,” evening presentation, Hastings MN via Thrive Hastings/YMCA
  • 13th “Workplace Allyship 101” and D&I Roundtable, United Healthcare Services, Edina MN
  • 14th Evening presentation, UUF of Mankato MN
  • 18th “Gray Area Thinking®,” for the City of Falcon Heights, MN (evening event)
  • 20th (Transgender Day of Remembrance) Multiple talks/presentations in and for the City of Red Wing, MN


  • 12th Held for Linn County (IA) Bar Association



  • 13th Held for an education organization in Anoka, MN


  • 20th “Gray Area Thinking®,” Chippewa Valley SHRM, Eau Claire WI

Note: Some engagements are booked but not yet listed here due to time constraints. Please contact me to ensure that a date is open. Thanks!



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