Upcoming Engagements

I have a very active talks/presentations/trainings calendar, such that it has become very difficult to timely update this page. Thus, please contact me directly (elliejkrug@gmail.com) to determine if a particular date or time frame you are considering is open on my calendar. (I do respond to all email inquiries on a timely basis.) I present locally, regionally, nationally and in Canada, and I am now taking 2019 bookings. (Please see the “Previous Engagements” page [to find, hover over “Upcoming Engagements” on the menu bar and “Previous Engagements” will come up] for the breadth of my presentations and locales where I have appeared.) Additional information can be found at my company website, Human Inspiration Works, LLC.

Also, I have a two weekly radio and podcast shows on AM950, KTNF in Minnetonka, MN:  “Hidden Edges Radio with Ellen Krug” on Sundays from 1-2 p.m. CST and “Ellie 2.0” on Mondays from 7:30-8:00 a.m. CST. You can find a listing of past podcasts and shows here. These shows are for the most part taped in advance, meaning that I have flexibility to present and train in-person wherever during the week.

Upcoming in-person presentations and trainings include:



  • 4th through the 10th: Human Inclusivity Speaking and Listening Road Trip through Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana–multiple speaking engagements (see my Blog during that time frame for more information)
  • 13th: Gray Area Thinking® for Minnesota Chapter of Assoc. of Legal Administrators, Minneapolis
  • 15th: Held for a potential sponsor in Red Wing, MN
  • 16th: Gray Area Thinking® for Ramsey County Attorney and Ramsey County Public Defender, St. Paul
  • 27th: Gray Area Thinking® for the New York City Chapter, New York
  • 27th: Gray Area Thinking® for Epstein Becker Law Firm, New York


  • 1st: Gray Area Thinking® at the Minnesota Transportation Conference, Mankato, MN
  • 8th: “Ellie Krug: Changed Genders, Changed Perspectives,” to mark International Women’s Day, for Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Ottawa, Canada (I will also conduct a Gray Area Thinking® training at the firm)
  • 14th: Held for a law firm in Kansas City
  • 15th: Held for a Minnesota government entity
  • 22nd: Knowledge 2 Leadership Conference, Golden Gate Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators
  • 27th: “Transgender 101,” for U.S. Bank, Minneapolis
  • 29th: Gray Area Thinking® for St. Louis County, MN in Duluth and Virginia, MN


  • 5th: Allyship 101 and the Identity Game for Hennepin County, Minneapolis
  • 10th: Gray Area Thinking® for the New Jersey Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators, Livingston, NJ
  • 19th: Gray Area Thinking® for the Amdahl Inn of Court, Minneapolis
  • 27th: Gray Area Thinking® for Hopkins & Carley at a firm retreat in Monterrey, CA
  • 29th: Speaking at St. Joan of Arc parish, Minneapolis


  • 14th: Books about Bias, Minnesota Continuing Legal Education
  • 17th: Gray Area Thinking® for the Corporate Counsel Committee, Hennepin County Bar Association, Minneapolis


  • 5th: Held for a major national law firm in San Francisco
  • 7th: Gray Area Thinking® for Puget Sound Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators
  • 13th: Held for a Minnesota government entity

July through December

Many engagements booked but not yet listed here due to time constraints. Please contact me to ensure that a date is open. Thanks!



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