media interviews/press releases

I continue to be interviewed on various platforms, such as National Public Radio, Minnesota Public Radio, and the The Huffington Post, relative to my work. Additionally, beginning in January 2020, I issued press releases on subjects that are relevant to my mission to push for positive change.


I’m always interested in speaking to those in the media (print, radio/television, bloggers and podcasts) as a way of spreading my core message about human inclusivity and the need for greater compassion for others and ourselves. Media contact information: Ellen (Ellie) Krug,; phone 319.360.1692.

I have a weekly radio show, Ellie 2.0 Radio, on KTNF AM950 in the Twin Cities every Monday morning from 7-8:00 a.m. The show is about idealism and features past and present idealists as a way of inspiring others to work for positive change the world. (As many know, I am a “hopeless idealist” who believes that even solitary humans can make a difference.) You can find an up-to-date list of podcasts of Ellie 2.0 Radio here

My various media interviews and appearances include (the below list is not exhaustive):

12.5.22 Podcast, “The Hearing,” re: transitioning genders as a lawyer; click here

2.22.20 KELO TV, Sioux Falls re: my “Bridging Divides” presentation on that date in Sioux Falls; click here

2.20.20 South Dakota Public Broadcasting, “South Dakota Focus,” Episode 2516 re: Transgender Humans; click here

2.18.20 South Dakota Public Radio, “In the Moment,” re: how transgender humans are “Othered” and getting past our fear of “Other”; click here

12.20.19 National Public Radio, “On Point” Interview (at about minute 44) re: Gene Weingarten’s book, One Day: The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary 24 Hours in America (a compilation of personal stories; my story is included in the book); click here

9.25.19 Steamboat Pilot (Steamboat Springs CO) interview re: multiple trainings I conducted in Steamboat Springs (in collaboration with the Heart of Steamboat Methodist Church) to launch a year-long diversity and inclusion initiative; click here

7.1.19 Illinois CPA Insight Magazine relative to inclusivity strategies for businesses: click here

6.24.19 Minnesota Public Radio interview re: transgender women and speech/voice therapy (I was included because I don’t “pass” as 100% female–for some people–due to my masculine voice); click here

4.3.19 Harvard Law School blog re: Transgender 101 training that I conducted at the law school; click here

1.28.19 Rewire Online interview re: creating safe workplace environments for LGBTQ team members; click here

ABC TV6 Rochester MN Interview (1/28/19) re: the ban on transgender persons in the military and how marginalization affects all trans persons, particularly our trans youth and teens–they lack the perspective and grit/resiliency of adults. Click here to view.

Minnesota Public Radio Interview (3/7/17) re: legal protections for transgender school students following withdrawal of the U.S. Dept. of Education Title IX Guidance Letter. This interview was part of a 40 minute show that featured Brenda Cassellius, Commissioner, Minnesota Dept. of Education; Paul Mueller, VP of Education Minnesota (the state’s teacher union); and Andrea Jenkins, a transgender activist. My part of the show begins at minute 17:42 and continues to conclusion. Click here to listen.

KSTP TV (2/17 story on a Gray Area Thinking™ training that I conducted): click here

KSTP TV (2016): click here

KIMT TV (2016): click here

AM950 A Woman’s Place Interview (2016): click here

South Dakota Public Broadcasting Radio (2016) click here

Iowa Public Radio Interview (2013): click here

Minnesota Public Radio (2015): click here

MyTalk 107.1 Radio (2015): click here

The Huffington Post (2015): click here

2015 Fringe Festival “Getting to Ellen” preview: click here

Lawyerist (2015): click here

KSTP TV (2015): click here

Star Tribune Op Ed piece (2016): click here

The Winonan (Winona State University paper)(2015): click here

The Iowa State Daily (Iowa State University paper)(2013): click here

Cedar Rapids Gazette (2013): click here

Press Releases 

6.1.2020 Press Release re: Call for Gov. Walz to Establish MN Truth and Reconciliation Commission (click here)

2.3.2020 Press Release re: South Dakota Efforts to Criminalize Transgender Health Care/Krug to Speak in Sioux Falls (click here)