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I’m happy to answer all inquiries by email or telephone (remember my deep voice if you call). I enjoy presenting to corporations, associations, governmental entities, colleges, and more! I endeavor to get back to contacts within twenty-four hours. As always, I will prepare presentation proposals tailored to your organization’s needs or program.

ellen (ellie) krug


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Rate and other information available upon request

Continuing Legal Education credit applied for when requested.

References available.

4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Wow, had no idea I was in the presence of American royalty when we chatted, you are quite amazing😀
    Gratitudes and peace,

  2. Ellie–Thank you for speaking at our Rotary Club today. Our club used to be more “diverse” than it looked today, but we have had turnover for many reasons and we are quite white-colored at the moment. A personal observation about disparities and reparations: A couple years ago our club members took turns giving a personal 10-minute life story talk. I talked about coming from a farm that has been in my family for 150 years. A couple weeks later one of our black members began his talk about being born the son of a sharecropper on a Mississippi farm. While we both accomplished good things in our lives, the differences in our beginnings (and most likely family wealth) was stark.. I often think about that now and hope I didn’t come across as smug at the time. Best wishes for your work!

  3. Twenty-four hours after your time with my faith community I am reflecting intermittently on your shared wisdom on inclusivity. Having spent ten years as a professional advisor to justices and judges, I am reminded that the most effective of them included their heart as part of their decision making. Blessings to you and your work. We all are position to make a difference. I’m grateful my journey included you. Namaste.

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