My work is routinely evaluated by audience members and I find that almost always, I receive exceedingly high marks.  The following are some reviews from my trainings/presentations; click here for a printable summary of various 2017 evaluations and narratives.

Beginning with the virus lockdown, I have shifted my work to online. In case you’re wondering if I’m as good in front of a camera (compared to me presenting live), here is a review from my online training, “Overcoming ‘Othering’: Radical Inclusion and Authenticity,” on April 23, 2020: “So good! Ellie, you are a natural on cam. Funny, powerful, and able to evoke emotion and many “aha” moments. I had goosebumps about thirty times.”

I’m finding that the camera offers me a degree of flexibility that I don’t ordinarily get when I present live. So, please, consider me/my work for online talks, trainings, convenings, and other important work related to human inclusivity, broadly defined!

Some recent reviews of my work include the following:

  • “This was one of the best, no, the best training I have ever been to regarding bias and it was humorous!”
  • “Amazing. Best speaker of the conference.”
  • “Should have been longer. Best presentation of the whole Institute!”
  • “Really moving and thoughtful presentation.”
  • “Very empowering and eye-opening! I really enjoyed Ellie’s presentation and continued to process the information shared after the training had ended.”
  • “The best elimination of bias (course) ever.”
  • “Ellie’s session had me telling stories for days. This is a must session for law firm managers!”
  • “Very good session–thought provoking. Best speaker yet.”
  • “Awesome speaker!”
  • “Ellie was great! Had everyone involved and interacting and brought a few members to tears. Highly recommend she is used again.”
  • “The message was extremely strong and relevant–very enlightening.”
  • “You took a subject that can make people uncomfortable and made it very accessible to the people in the room.”
  • “I was so inspired by your talk…”
  • “I just wanted to write because I have never attended a better CLE…”

Other reviews from the 800+ presentations I’ve given include:

“I got chills–goose bumps–when you were speaking today. You did a fantastic job. Feel great about it–all of it!” 

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“Sharing your story is helping folks change their thinking in a positive way about transgender people. Your voice is making a difference.”

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 “(t)hank you once again for a truly great event. I had multiple people tell me after that it was one of the best presentations they’ve been to in law school.”

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 “I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and coming to speak to us today. I personally don’t belong to the LGBT community, but I know many people that do and your words were inspirational and I intend to share them with my friends…Your words about being yourself resonated within me and I just wanted to thank you for that. Hope you have a lovely rest of your day, and a safe journey back home!”

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 “Thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. I was very moved.  Keep on inspiring!” Tremendous thanks for participating in the CLE on Tuesday. We’re disappointed that you didn’t have more time to speak, but I think your few minutes were just as impactful—if not more so—than all the prior speakers.

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Thank you for sharing your story; thank you for inspiring us!” “Fantastic insight.” “Since I heard your presentation I thought so much about your comments regarding ‘our perspectives’ and the ripple effect…I am a trainer by profession and do courses and presentations every week…So when I hear a speaker as dynamic and on point as you are, well frankly, I want to remember the material and continue to make reference to it. You made an impression! I hope our paths cross again. And your words made a difference. A big one.”

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An evaluation which includes the statement, “This was one of the most powerful presentations I’ve ever heard,” can be found here: July 2014 Speaker Evaluation

For more information, please contact me at

2 thoughts on “reviews

  1. Ellie, I saw you last night at the Bushnell. Your presentation was fantastic. Thank you for showing what an exceptional human being looks like.

  2. Ellie Krug shares a message that we all need to hear, one of authenticity and basic human connection. I’ve recruited Ellie to speak at my own employer and all who attended were spell bound by her message of goodness and shared human experience. I would recommend Ellie and her message to anyone who is looking to build a more cohesive culture built on trust and integrity around the shared human experience. Ellie’s intellect and wit are only surpassed by her goodness and humanity.

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