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In addition to public speaking and training/consulting, I am a writer. In early 2013, I published Getting to Ellen: A Memoir about Love, Honesty and Gender Change. I’m working on the second installment of my memoir, Being Ellen, but it is quite slow-going with all that’s on my plate.

Newsflash!–if your book club selects my memoir, I would be happy to appear via Zoom when you meet to discuss the book (there’s no charge for this–I’m just grateful that you’d take the time to read Getting to Ellen). Feel free to take me up on this offer!

From mid-2012 until July 2022, I wrote for the Twin Cities LGBTQ biweekly Lavender Magazine in a monthly column titled “Skirting the Issues.”  I previously wrote for ACCESSline, an Iowa-based LGBTQ monthly which no longer publishes.

Beginning in March 2019, I became a writer for Minnesota Women’s Press. You can find my inaugural March 2019 piece, “Lesser” here and my July 2019 piece, “Do-Over” here. Other MWP columns are in the list below.

My columns span surviving the Human Condition as a transgender person interacting with the everyday world. As of  January 2020, I estimate that 200,000+ of my words have been published in various columns, periodicals, and web-based sites. Note: most of the below listing of columns is quite dated. I have made it a goal to keep this updated on a go-forward basis; we’ll see if I actually do that. (I am human after all…)

If you have a burning desire to see my written work, one suggestion is to go to Lavender Magazine and click on the archives; you will find many of my columns. Otherwise, simply Google “Ellie Krug Skirting the Issues Lavender Magazine” and you will find many of my columns.

Finally, as you will see below, I’ve penned a rather unique (and hopefully, not boring) law review article on how to welcome transgender lawyers and support colleagues into a workplace or organization. A number of legal employers and transgender humans have thanked me for writing this.

Thank you for having an interest in my written work!



Getting to Ellen: A Memoir About Love, Honesty, and Gender Change (2013 Stepladder Press)(5-Star Amazon rating, 50+ reviews)(Available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and Apple iBooks)

Law Review Article

“We Hear You Knocking: An Essay on Welcoming ‘Trans’ Lawyers,” William Mitchell Law Review, Vol. 41, Issue 1 (2015)

Other Writings

“Jumping the Gender Fence: Lessons Learned by a Newly Minted Woman,” Hennepin Lawyer, March/April 2020

“The Price of Discrimination,” The Storm Lake Times, March 12, 2021

“A Brief Primer on LGBTQ Allyship for Lawyers,” ABA Journal (online), June 15, 2021

“An Altered Perspective: Becoming ‘Other’ in America,” Louisville Bar Journal (see page 20), June 2021

Lavender Magazine and Minnesota Women’s Press Column

Why I Am Running for School Board (August 2022)

Fading to Black (June 2022)(re: the need to protect LGBTQ+ kids and youth)(my last column for Lavender)

Norfolk NE (May 2022)(re: my collaboration with a Norfolk, Nebraska Pride organization)

Traveling While Trans (March 2022)(re: understanding that maybe greater MN and the Midwest in general are more accepting than I believed)

Making Room (January 2022)(re: ceding power to enable another transgender person to write for Lavender Magazine)

Tick…Tock… (September 2021)(re: how billing time as a lawyer so consumed me)

Osseo (September 2021)(about my attempt to bridge what divides us)

Jack (August 2021)(re: my wonderful Golden Retriever puppy, Jack!)

Unlearning Selfishness (July 2021)(about my lifelong process of becoming less selfish)

Commando (July 2021)(It’s exactly what you might think…)

Non-Retirement (June 2021)(re: how I don’t ever see myself retiring–the hopeless idealist inside me won’t let that happen!)

Hot Mess (June 2021)(about my longing to be loved as me, Ellie, a woman [hint: it’s not going well…])

Aunt Margaret (May 2021) (my Aunt Margaret, the kindest, most compassionate person I know, has taught me about the kindness and compassion that informs both my remaining life and my work)

Silver Lining (May 2021) (about becoming closer to my siblings, particularly my sister, during Covid-inspired Zoom visits)

Plant Whisperer (April 2021) (how I feel an emotional attachment to a peace lily that survived a flood, and to a tree that sprouted on my 12th floor outdoor balcony)

Exuberance (April 2021) (about moving to rural MN and reconnecting with the land)

Blind Spot (April 2021) (understanding why I shouldn’t use “tribe” in my work)

Easy Prey (March 2021) (how transgender youth are being targeted across America)

Mrs. Becker (March 2021) (how I was inspired to be a writer)

Making America Believe Again (February 2021) (about idealism)

The Common Good (February 2021) (about needing to get past selfishness/self-interest only)

Trash (January 2021) (the pain of giving up hundreds of love letters from my beloved ex-wife)

Never Say Never (January 2021) (all the ways that I’ve broken personal vows)

Consequences (December 2020)

Unsmooth Seas ((December 2020)

Subversive (October 2020)

Dappled Sunlight (September 2020)

Weighing on You  (August 2020) (how skin color/historical trauma weighs on black, brown, Asian and others who aren’t white-color)

The Fate of the Republic (July 2020)

Sirens (July 2020)

Acts of Kindness (June 2020)

Sprouts (May 2020)

Army of One (April 2020)

Out of Left Field (February 2020)

Scared Rabbit (January 2020)

Hopeless Idealism in Hastings (December 2019)

Mattering (November 2019)

Fighting for Us All (October 2019)

Authenticity (September 2019)

Two Things (July 2019)

Practice (June 2019)

Committed (May 2019)

Sentimentalist (April 2019)

Remembering (February 2019)

A Tough Crowd (January 2019)

Hope (December 2018)

Erasure (October 2018)

Attention to Details (September 2018)

Road Trip (August 2018)

Laramie (September 2016)

Brainwashed (August 2013)

The White Knight (August 2013)

Human to Human (June 2013)

Five Things (June 2013)

Lily (May 2013)

Anniversary (March 2013)

Jake (November 2012)

View my complete Lavender Archive here

ACCESSline: Monthly Columnist

The Song Whisperer

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