Impact Reports

As I’ve written elsewhere on this website, I was alive when Dr. King and Robert F. Kennedy were alive. Indeed, I remember vividly the day that each was assassinated. Before they were taken, they spoke to me. What I heard was that I have an obligation to make the world a better place, to give voice to those who lack voices because of society’s marginalizing.

It took nearly five decades before I could  (and to a very small degree) attempt to follow the words and examples of Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy. Truly, I couldn’t undertake that work until I dealt with my gender identity issues; it’s impossible to advocate for others when you’re unable to  advocate for yourself. It was only after I lived authentically that I could go forward with the work that’s encapsulated in this website.

Accordingly, all of my work has a social justice bend; additionally, since I served as a Minneapolis legal access nonprofit executive director from 2011 through 2016, I’m aware of how important metrics and outcomes can be.

As a result, I do something that most for-profit trainers and consultants don’t do: I report on the actual and suspected impact of my work. For the past several years, I’ve created Impact Reports that provide numbers (e.g. the number of talks/trainings, attendees, etc.), discuss projects, and report on various outcomes.

As I explain in each report, I don’t do this reporting to inflate my ego. Instead, it’s my attempt to let those who support me know that their support isn’t misplaced. The reality is that I can’t do this work without the support of so many people. I am so very grateful for that support!

The Impact Reports are found below.

Combined 2018-19 Impact Report

2017 Impact Report

2016 Impact Report

2015 Impact Report