representational tracks

My presentations consistently receive high marks from a variety of audiences. The following “Tracks” are representative of my presentations:

Diversity and Inclusion: (1) Gray Area Thinking; (2) Workplace Inclusivity and Allyship 101; (3) Getting Past the Bumpiness: White Fragility and Skin Color; and (4) Overcoming “Othering”: Radical Inclusion and Authenticity

Educational: (1) Transgender 101; and (2) Getting to Ellen: Changed Genders, Changed Perspectives 

Enrichment/Motivational: (1) Getting to Ellen: Gleaning Authenticity from a Moment of Truth; and (2) Bridging Divides: Perspectives on Grit, Resiliency and The Four Commonalities 

Professional: Transitioning Genders as a Trial Lawyer: Changed Genders, Changed Perspectives

I’m completely open to collaborating with program coordinators to tailor specific presentations for applicable events. If desired, I can provide preparation surveys, post-presentation evaluations, time for audience questions, workshops, trial practice programs, and application for CLE credit (if appropriate). My goal is to make my presence within your organization a win-win for you, your team members and me!

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